Replacing a Furnace that Isn’t Heating A Home

My parents have been living in the same home for as long as I can remember.

It was ideal for all of us, as a family of five with two dogs.

Now, my siblings and I have moved out and started families of our own. My parents now live in a massive home that’s quiet and empty. They’ve mentioned moving once or twice, but they have a few setbacks. Their home is the perfect size for family gatherings under the same roof. They love it when their children in addition to grandchildren stay with them. Now, another concern they have with selling the home is that their heating system isn’t working correctly. They bought the highest quality heating system that they could find whenever they purchased their home, so they weren’t expecting to replace it for another few years. It’s not that their heating system won’t work, but rather it isn’t constant when heating. Their house is chilly at times, even when they have the furnace running. Typically they reset it, which will allow it to work better for a limited time. However, they have to reset it every two weeks. My parents have been looking into getting their heating system evaluated by a professional HVAC worker, but they’re expecting it to be quite pricey. They’ve mentioned how this is their last resort. My parents are going to try cleaning their entire heating system to see if it helps at all. Hopefully, it will eliminate their issue.



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