Bridal party training

When my bestie Jim finally asked me to marry him, the two of us made the choice to take a full year to plan the ceremony! I figured I had a sizable amount of time to get into ideal shape.

  • I hoped to not only lose a few pounds but tone up my arms, legs and tummy also.

I wanted to feel fantastic about myself when I walked down the aisle. I planned to show off my excellent body on the beach during our honeymoon. With this in mind, I tried various types of diet plans. I tried jogging and bought a whole bunch of fitness videos. In time, I joined the local gym. I had no idea really what I was doing or even how to get started. I wasn’t familiar with the various machines or the right fitness plan for me, but there never seemed to be anybody around to help me. With only 6 months until the actual wedding, I was seriously disheartened. At my fittings for my ceremony dress, I was always the same size pretty much. I’d made no progress in the slightest on my own! My maid-of-honor told me that I should get a personal trainer. I was astonished at how easy it was to get someone who would accommodate my schedule. Personal training isn’t super extravagant and yet it was a whole new approach to fitness. The personal trainer listened to every single one of my concerns and goals, measured by percentage of body fat and created a program customized to me. The program combined a bunch of exercise with diet. I was given a nutritious meal plan to follow and a fitness regiment. While I met with my personal trainer throughout the week, I was also responsible for following the program on my own on top of that. Within months, I saw the best results. This encouraged me to work a great deal more. I looked wonderful at my ceremony and on my honeymoon. I’ve been married for a long time now, and I continue to work with my personal trainer to this day.

Personal Training