Wellness program

The lot of us recently started a corporate wellness program at our workplace. Since we all spend the majority of our afternoon sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen, we experience a range of health risks. We’re not only sedentary but there’s typically lots of different kinds of snacks available! People bring in cookies, cupcakes and doughnuts. The lot of us all drink way too much coffee also. Our workday starts at 8 AM. Trying to get in a workout before getting ready for the task is truly difficult. I don’t get back to my dwelling until around 5:30 PM. I’m way too fatigued to head to the gym or go for a run. After now working at the task for a year, I’d put on fifteen pounds and felt absolutely horrible. I was no longer as productive, and I was very unhappy. I suppose our director was mainly worried about insurance costs and absenteeism when he arranged the corporate wellness program. I honestly don’t care what motivated the idea, because it’s done wonders for nearly every employee in the office. Right before lunch, we meet with a health and fitness expert in the conference room. The lot of us spend about an hour stretching and going through a series of exercises that include strength training, balance and flexibility. The lot of us do about twenty minutes or so of aerobic exercise. Along with this, the trainer meets with each one of us every week to supply counselling for nutrition. We’ve been involved in the corporate wellness program for several months. I’ve lost the fifteen pounds and hope to lose a lot more. I have all kinds of energy and feel enjoyable about myself.


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