Fill the gaps in your window with foam

It’s really important that you have proper insulation for your windows if you want to have an efficient HVAC system.

  • A lot of people forget how important windows are to an HVAC system.

If you have an HVAC system that is pumping out a bunch of cooled air, but then the windows are letting it all escape, you are just wasting your money. That’s why as an HVAC technician I offer a comprehensive service that takes your whole house into account. First, I install the best thermostat money can buy, it’s one of the energy saving tips my professors always used to tell me about. After the house has a great control center, aka the thermostat, I next go to the actual air conditioner. I clean the ones that still have some life in them and change the air filters. I also usually leave a box of air filters behind so that the resident can maintain the AC unit. After I have checked the HVAC equipment, I move on to the windows. I find that almost all of the houses I service have improper window insulation. By insulating the windows I can upgrade the entire house in a matter of minutes. I have had many families tell me how much better their HVAC systems feel just after that one simple step. I try to keep telling people to check their windows but it seems like people would rather pay a bunch of money to have an HVAC technician come out and look, which is fine with me! I am really happy that I became an HVAC technician so I can pass on energy saving tips to people in need.


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