Don’t let in the cold

It’s actually really important that you have proper insulation for your windows if you want to have an efficient heating and air conditioning system. But, a lot of people forget how important windows are to their central heating and air conditioning system, sometimes having a heating and air conditioning plan that is pumping out a bunch of cooled air while the windows are letting it all escape. In this case, you are just wasting your cash… That’s why as a heating and air conditioning professional, I offer a comprehensive repair plan that takes your whole home into account. But first, I install the best temperature control your budget can buy, it’s something that our instructors always used to us about in school. After the place has a great control center, aka the temperature control, I next go to the actual a/c and furnace. I wash the machines that still have some life in them and then I change their air filters. I also usually leave a box of air filters behind so that the resident can maintain their own A/C unit. After I have checked the heating and air conditioning system, I turn my attention to the windows. I find that almost all of the houses I repair have improper window insulation inside, and by insulating the windows I can upgrade the entire condo in a matter of hours with little effort. I have had several families tell me how much better their heating and air conditioning systems are now just after that single simple step. I try to keep telling people to check their own windows first, but it seems appreciate people would rather pay a bunch of currency to have a heating and air conditioning professional come out and look themselves, which is great with me! I am actually ecstatic that I became a heating and air conditioning professional so I can pass on energy saving tips to random people in need.

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