Help installing the window unit

If you have ever tried to install an A/C machine yourself, then you can imagine how tough it is to do on your own.

Well, the reason that it’s so tough is because the A/C machine is so heavy and it’s hard to absolutely hold it on your own without help.

Once, I tried to do it on my own when my ancient central heating system stopped toiling, but I ended up dropping it out of the window. I luckily I didn’t hurt anybody when I dropped the A/C unit, because I’m on the first floor, but it could have been much worse in a high rise! Another reason that it helps to have an acquaintance with you when installing a window A/C machine is so that they can point out to you when there is not an electrical outlet around! One of the first times I installed my own A/C machine I did everything only to realize that there was no plug in sight. When I tried to plug the A/C machine into a power strip I almost burned the beach house down when a small electrical fire started! It’s safe to say that I shouldn’t be somewhere near installing heating and A/C equipment. The absolute funny thing is that when I was younger I absolutely wanted to be a heating and A/C serviceman, however now I am perfectly happy having friends help me with my heating and A/C equipment. Or if need be, I get a trained professional to help me. I have only called a professional heating and A/C business one time in my life, and that was when I absolutely couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my heating and cooling system. I hope to eventually learn more about heating and A/C so that I never have to rely on paying somebody.

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