Want to set up a/c right

If you have ever tried to install any sort of AC component yourself, you know how hard it is to do on your own.

The main reason that it’s so hard is because the AC component is incredibly heavy and you can’t easily grab hold of it without extra assistance. I mistakenly tried to do it on my own once when the outdated central heating and cooling setup stopped working finally. I realized my greatest fear and ended up dropping it out of the window. I luckily didn’t hurt anybody when I dropped the AC unit, but it could have been much worse by far. Another reason that it helps to have a buddy with you when installing a window AC component is so that they can point out to you when there is not a wall outlet around; One of the first times I installed our own AC component I did everything only to realize that there was no plug in sight to use. But, when I tried to plug the AC component into a power strip I almost burned the apartment down when a small electrical fire started on the wall! It’s safe to say that I shouldn’t be anywhere near heating, ventilation and A/C equipment. The odd and funny thing is that when I was younger I actually wanted to be a heating, ventilation and A/C specialist; instead, now I am perfectly fine having friends help me with my heating, ventilation and A/C equipment, or getting a trained professional to help me sometimes. I have only had to call a professional heating, ventilation and A/C company one time, and that was when I really couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my heating and cooling system at the time. I hope to eventually learn more about heating, ventilation and A/C so that I never have to rely on paying somebody again.


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