Everyone is looking at our cooling unit

The air just hung.  Still and hot. Even in the South there normally is at least a hint of a breeze that allows for cooling or at least making the sweat on the skin evaporate a bit.  But even the fans weren’t getting it done. The situation needed addressing as the heat was simply stifling and though we thought we could get by without the air conditioner repair, action was now required.  I don’t know my way around an HVAC system so I called for air conditioner service. The HVAC technician was prompt and got right to work on the air conditioner. Shows how little I know, the air conditioner and the heating unit are in the same HVAC unit.  The nice air conditioning repair gentleman assured me that he would be able to repair the air conditioner with relative ease. With the heat, I asked the HVAC tech if the HVAC business was booming. He laughed and said he had done more air conditioning repair in the last week than he had done any heater repair.  I got it. Everyone was looking for the cooling that a well maintained HVAC unit provides. The very competent and pleasant HVAC technician completed the repairs and switched on the cooling from the now repaired air conditioner. It was heaven. The HVAC technician explained what he did to the air conditioning and that I should consider a getting a yearly tune-up.  The air conditioning repair that the HVAC technician had just completed could have been caught earlier and we could have avoided feeling like the heater was on in our house in the middle of summer.

air conditioner tune-up