Great Air Quality in My Daughter’s Classroom

I’m never too hot or too cold while volunteering.

As a mother, Fridays are the busiest and longest days of the week for me. I start my morning bright and early at 5AM, with a cup of coffee and working on the computer. I have the opportunity to work from home, which comes with it’s pros and cons. One of the cons is that I have to be disciplined and focused. Getting up so early gives me a chance to work in my office before my daughter gets up and needs attention. On Fridays, I take her to school at 7AM and stay until 12 to help out in her classroom. I love the time I spend at her school, because it’s a fantastic environment. The school is only 5 years old, so everything is renovated and brand new. This includes the heating and air system! When I was a kid, we were lucky to have central heating and air. Instead, we opened the windows and hoped for a breeze or cool day. Each classroom has a thermostat, which is set by the district each day according to the weather. The district believes in keeping their students comfortable so they can focus on learning. I’m always super impressed with how neutral the temperature in her classroom feels. I’m never too hot or too cold while volunteering. Another thing her school does, is maintain their air filters. Instead of having them replaced when the system starts becoming less energy efficient, they check them at the end of the week and make the replacements when needed. I look forward to the time I get to spend in my daughter’s classroom with the fresh air.


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