Costly equipment for new print shop

When we decided to open our custom printing shop we knew that we would need to be able to offer something special to attract new customers. It isn’t just about offering special pricing, fast service, and friendly smiles. We needed something that would catch people’s attention. There are many forms of printers on the market that can produce the quality of work we wanted to offer. We did some research and quickly realized that the investment in equipment was going to be significant. We wanted to offer same day service, lamination, and the creation of weather resistant signage. This way we could attract everyone from real estate agents to parents that needed a school project laminated overnight. Even if someone decided to put their house on the market and sell it themselves, they could get quality, professional looking signs that were complete with pictures to put in the yard. We would do this by purchasing solvent based printers that would give those features that could withstand the elements. There is a vast difference in the techniques used to print material. There are standard inkjet printers that are found in most homes, these do not produce weather resistant copies. Laser printers, which are more popular for printing on materials that may not be absorbent, and even the newest trend of UV printers. We will be investing in the newest technology to in order to offer the best of services to our customers. We now just have the decision of what brand to go with. Epson seems to be offering the best equipment for our dollar at the moment and it is a brand that has been around and trusted for many years as well.