Many options in brands can add to the confusion

There are many brands of printing devices on the market and knowing which one will work for you and your needs can be a bit overwhelming.

  • Even though I only run a small business from my home, I need to be able to provide professional looking proposals for my customers.

It not, I may not be able to land a contract to work with them on upcoming events. I have researched the various companies, Xerox, Epson, Brother, and even LG, they all offer some great machines and I still have not really settled on the one I want. In the meantime I have been using a professional printing service for all of my printing and copying needs. The cost is really quite reasonable and I can see where many small businesses use this instead of investing in equipment of their own. In the long run it can be far more cost effective than owning and maintaining your own machines. I don’t even have to pass much of that along to our customers and I can provide the same, quality service, that I expect to be able to do once I have our own equipment. There are some aspects of printing that I will always use a third party to have done. If a customer is in need of large mural for an office wall or a full size poster, I will always rely on companies that can offer this service at a fair price. The cost of this machinery and the overall size of the equipment simply is not feasible for a home based business. You may wonder why my customers would not contact these other companies directly and cut out the middle man, this is due to the fact that I have corporate accounts and corporate pricing with them and the average consumer would not get the same price.