Hiring a Project manager for integrated building automation

I need to hire a new project manager to work on our integrated building automation projects.

Last month, my best employee left for greener pastures.

He received a great job offer to work for one of my competitors. Unfortunately, we are a small building solutions company and I couldn’t even get close to the offer. Even with bonuses and benefits, I was still 20% lower than the new offer. My project.manager was excellent at the job, and I was sad to see him.leave. I’ve been interviewing for a new project manager, but so far, no one has been very impressive. John was and an exemplary employee, and I knew it would be tough to replace him. I have two interviews on Friday, and I’m optimistic that one of them could be our new project manager. Both guys have experience and great references. Both have worked on integrated building solutions for 5 years. One of the applicants lives locally, but the other candidate lives 100 miles away. He is willing to relocate, but I’m going to need to offer him a nice salary and benefits package. Honestly, I wish I could hire two guys. Ever since we started offering integrated home solutions, our business has been busy. Times are rapidly changing and customers want the latest and greatest technology. Next week, we have three appointments to set up smart thermostats. Since this is an easy price of equipment to install, it’s a great first step toward fully automating your home. We even offer free smart thermostats with every new HVAC purchase. If you’re still using an old dial thermostat, you could significantly lower your bills, just by adding a smart thermostat.

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