There’s no need to be afraid of digital marketing

For some people, like myself, the internet can be a scary place especially if you have a small business.

I run an HVAC business and I always shied away from digital marketing.

I figured that I could get my company out their the old fashioned way with paper ads, but I was very wrong. My competition was dominating the internet because of their amazing web design and ads they were running. I contacted an SEO company and instantly I felt more at ease. The digital marketing company I worked with took everything step by step and broke down all the costs for me. They explained how SEO worked and even though I didn’t really understand they told me they would take care of everything. They explained what Google Ads were and how I could set them up myself if I wanted to. I opted to have no contribution to the online marketing strategy and let the digital marketing company take care of everything. If you are afraid to call a digital marketing company all you have to do is search online for a web page that looks legit. Once you find an SEO business you want to work with see if they offer a free consultation. If the online marketing business doesn’t offer a free consultation it’s probably a sign that you should move on. It took me a few days to find the online marketing company that I wanted to work with, but it was well worth it in the end. I now run a few ads a week and my HVAC business has grown a ton.

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