Help wanted ad worked like a charm

It seems that everyone at work is on pins and needles.

We are all overworked and have been complaining for months that we need to bring on additional staff. Being short handed it tough no matter the time of year, but, during the Spring, when everyone wants an appointment at the same time makes it really hard. Our company is one of the most popular HVAC dealerships in the area and we have a great reputation for service as well. If we wanted to keep that, we needed to take steps to bring on experienced technicians that could hit the ground running. The boss placed an add in local papers but he also used the marketplace on social media in hopes of attracting a larger pool of people. There was no cost involved in this type of advertising and it turned out that it was perfect. The add was seen my way more people than we ever could have imagined and within a few days, we had several qualified applicants. We had stated that we needed at least five years experience. We wanted someone with up to date certifications and we were willing to pay a sign on bonus to the right person. The boss found two new HVAC technicians that will be starting in the next two weeks. One has over ten years experience and was looking for a change from his old job anyway, the other just moved into the area. Sure, the ad attracted some less than desirable people, but, overall it as the best way to get the word out there that we were looking to expand our workforce.



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