There was a weird configuration in our ductwork

The new home we just bought is amazing.

The kitchen is big and bright, it has an amazing outdoor seating area for entertaining, and best of all, the view of the mountains is to die for.

We wanted the house so much that we paid ten thousand over the highest asking price to seal the deal. The whole purchase went smoothly and, aside from a few upgrades, we were all ready to move in. Once we were in the house and settled for about six months we realized that there was a significant difference in temperature depending on where you were in the house. We called out an HVAC technician to check out the system. He said that the unit itself was working great but he did find that the ductwork in the house had some oddities that he had never seen before. The previous owners had apparently closed off certain parts of the ductwork. He said that perhaps they were trying to save on heating and cooling by only having the system service the areas that they used. The upstairs bedrooms only had one branch of the ductwork servicing them instead to the three that were designed to do so. This would have kept it just warm enough in the winter to make it tolerable, but, since the older couple who sold the house slept downstairs, there was no reason to heat the upstairs. The technician said that he could open them back up without much difficulty and at a minimum cost. This was a relief because we had already sunk all of our money into the closing and update process.


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