Poor coffee, enjoyable a/c

I have been going to the same pop shop in town for years.

I am from a small town with only 10,000 or so people so I haven’t had much choice to be honest; They have enjoyable pop however, & they never seem to mess up my order.

Then not long ago something crazy happened. Another pop shop opened up in my small town! I thought it would be cool to check out to see what the hype I had been hearing waa all about, when I first walked into the store, my entire body was hit with a blast of freezing, refreshing air coming from the industrial grade a/c, however living in the deep south all your life care about I have come to care about amazing a/c more than the average man does. It felt so enjoyable in the pop shop that I almost didn’t notice how exhausting the pop was! It tasted very similar to a burnt cup of instant pop my mom used to make, but that wasn’t going to stop myself and others from making this pop shop my up-to-date go-to for working & relaxing, my old pop shop had fine a/c usually, but they a/c was below average to say the very least. This just goes to show all of the rich supervisors of stores in the world that it’s not constantly about the product your selling, but rather the ambiance of the store itself. Tasty pop is great, but state of the art air conditioning & super fast wireless is even better. And besides, If the pop at my up-to-date locale does not get better I will just bring some from home!

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