So ecstatic to be back home

I have to travel a lot, but the older I get the less I enjoy it. As a younger man, separate from any attachments, jetting across the country once or twice a month was genuinely fun for me. These days I want to stay house with my wifey, maybe buy a house & absolutely live in it instead of just keeping my stuff there while I travel around the country; One of the biggest things that has changed is that I started developing allergies over the last year or multiple. I have become unquestionably weak to pollen & other allergens, so staying in a good temperature control system is good for my health. All this travel puts me at the mercy of whatever random a/c happens to be in use, which varies greatly, however riding on aircrafts, & their terrible air vents blasting you in the face with warm dry air, is a single of my least preferred things to do now. At least in a car I can adjust the HVAC system to my liking & aim the air vents, but on the plane there is not much you can do. This last time when I got back house to my house, my dog, my wifey, & my sweet HVAC system, I decided my traveling days were over. I may have to make a couple more trips to finish things up, although I think it is time for a change & a permanent replace in my air quality. I am also thinking that it is time to suggest to my wifey.
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