Vacuuming and sweeping dust particles

My dog has a little bit of a shedding problem.

  • Okay, it’s actually a big shedding problem.

He sheds enough for two dogs at the least! It makes vacuuming and sweeping a weekly affair by necessity. Sometimes, I might need to even do it twice a week, especially if I was having company. It’s funny when I have friends over and we get to talking about my dog and I mention all the shedding and they look around and say it doesn’t seem that bad. It took a lot of work to create that illusion! The dog fur and dander also does a number on my HVAC unit. I have to get that air filter changed out a lot more often than if I didn’t have my precious pooch. He’s entirely worth it, but it can be frustrating sometimes. I also need to schedule air duct cleanings more often. He cannot help it that he’s causing the air quality to go down in my home and I feel that it’s my responsibility to make sure that the HVAC unit isn’t taxed too hard by his shedding. If a few more HVAC cleaning and maintenance fees is part of what it takes to enjoy my climate control system and my dog, I’m willing to pay that price. I don’t want to think about a future without him, but if I do ever get another animal, I’m going to seriously consider getting a pet that does not shed near as badly or at all. Still, life is too good with my dog for me to care all that much about all the shedding!

HVAC serviceman