My pet never learned that trick

My pet is a connoisseur of all things climate control.

I found him as a stray shivering on my porch one Wintertide night, plus when I say that he acclimated to the comfort of an Heating & Air Conditioning unit quite abruptly I mean it! For the rest of that first winter, his number one spot was of course right next to the air vents where the warm air was coursing out of.

I eventually bought him a little bed plus set it up right next to the entryway air vent, but when it was particularly cold out, he would make a point of either sprinting across the cold floor to get to his warm bed by the air vent or playing his own version of “the floor is lava,” by jumping from furniture piece to furniture piece to land in his bed! His love affair with climate control did not end with the Wintertide time. I only have central heating because our summers are mild, however those few mornings where the day heat is pretty intense, he appreciates to stay as close to the window air conditioner system units as possible. I got him a multi-tiered carpeted platform for him to be able to sleep right in front of the window air conditioner system. I am not even as obsessed with climate control as my own pet is. I would actually be able to live with even less heating or cooling, so I maintain what I have to keep him comfortable just as sure as it is keeping myself and others comfortable. I love my pet that much!

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