Story of toys exploring the HVAC duct

The other afternoon, my son showed myself and others this fictional story he wrote, but he easily enjoyed the film Toy Story, so this story was about toys that walked around plus talked just prefer that film; The toys were curious about the system of HVAC duct plus wondered where the vents led to.

  • They decided to embark on a mission to explore the system of HVAC duct, plus they would report their findings, but at first they only went so far into the HVAC duct plus found all kinds of interesting things.

They found some old toys that were trapped in there plus evidently they died in there. They found many pieces of trash plus a lot of dust plus grime. They were saying how somebody easily needed to wipe up that place because it was so filthy! Some of the toys didn’t want to explore anymore because they were afraid they would end up prefer the old deceased toys they found. They ended up having a funeral for those dead toys in the backyard. Then the braver toys went all the way into the HVAC duct plus kept on going to see what they could find. There was all this heated air traveling through the HVAC duct plus they wanted to discover the source, however when they finally made it to the end, the heat was becoming rather intense. The rush of air became so powerful that 1 of the toys was pulled into the furnace plus was burned to death. This caused the air quality to become bad in the house, plus the rest of the toys escaped. They were nervous about their fallen comrade, but at least they discovered the source of the heated air. I was telling my son he should think about turning that into a mini series plus maybe it would become popular.

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