it might be the pilot light

This past Winter time season, I thought we were in large trouble.

It was certainly during the holiday season when our heating system really quit pushing out heat through the air duct.

I ran tests on the temperature control and it seemed like it was working, however the temperature was dropping despite the setting on the temperature control. I knew that if we called up the Heating and A/C dealer, it would cost a great deal of money during that time and there was no way I could afford emergency Heating and A/C assistance! I decided to go down and have a wonderful look at the Heating and A/C unit… My fiance suggested that I try looking at the pilot light to see if that was still going. Sure enough, when I looked at the pilot light, it was really out. This was brilliant because all we certainly had to do was relight the pilot light! So I lighted the pilot light and before I knew it, we were able to get the oil furnace blazing again and had the heating pouring through the ducttoil once again! I was certainly ecstatic that our fiance asked myself and others to check the pilot light, because that was something I wasn’t even thinking about. I was seriously thinking about calling the Heating and A/C dealer, however that would have made us really broke for the holidays and we certainly wouldn’t have had a certainly good Christmas holiday; For future Winter time seasons, I’m certainly going to always make sure we get a respected tune-up with our Heating and A/C equipment, so we never have to worry so much about our heating system chopping down on us. I easily will check the pilot light first thing as well before thinking about calling the Heating and A/C dealer.


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