It’s time to get home security

The way things have been going lately, it’s looking more and more likely that I need to get a security system installed. I live in a non-distinct housing track in Middletown America where there is hardly anything going on. So imagine my surprise when people in my neighborhood started getting their houses broken into. It wasn’t just their houses either, as cars and garages were also targets for these burglars.

           I’ve made the initial step of calling a few different security system providers to get some quotes, but I haven’t actually gone through with the purchase yet. I suppose that’s because our neighborhood has always been a bit closed off and tribal about our little plot of land. I’m still hoping that the criminals will be caught before I have a video surveillance system put in, or automated lights around the house. We all watch each other’s back around here, and I think it makes the wrong statement getting a security system installed. I prefer that we handle things ourselves, but these looters are not giving us that chance. If it keeps up at this rate I’ll have no choice but to get a security system installed.

         It’s weird though that of the twenty burglaries that have happened so far, not once have they been seen by anyone. This makes me think that someone on the inside is involved. Oh, the trying times we live in, when we can’t even trust our own neighbors. Perhaps I will get that security system installed after.

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