Is it Possible to Find Satisfaction Through the Work You Do or Should You Look Elsewhere

I do belong to a church, and the a/c is always set too hot for my taste

I grew up thinking I would have some kind of career. I never thought I would be a stay-at-home mom. I did not even know any moms who did not work. My dad died when I was just two years old, so my mom needed to work to support all six of her kids. I always assumed that I would find satisfaction with life through the work I do. Now that I am 8 years away from retirement, I have discovered how wrong I was. I have never found satisfaction through my work. I have been in five different major positions, and none of them have really brought me any satisfaction. The best thing I can say about my current job is that it pays more than any others I have been in, and they have good heating and cooling in the office. When the HVAC is the thing that gives you the most joy at work, there is a problem. Is the answer to look for another job? That’s what I have always done in the past when the a/c and heater were the only things that seemed to matter to me anymore. Yet, no move has really been fantastic. I like the fact that I have a bit of autonomy where I am now. I can even set the a/c thermostat on whatever I want because there are only two of us in the office. But that just doesn’t seem like enough. I do belong to a church, and the a/c is always set too hot for my taste. But I still go to church and enjoy being there. Is it even possible to find satisfaction through the work you do? I am beginning to think it isn’t.

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