Paying for extra a/c

In a month, I have to go out of neighborhood for a month for work! I genuinely despise going because I either have to get a pet sitter or I have to put my dog in a kennel or pet resort.

It is consistently a difficult decision for me for multiple reasons… First off, I do not keep my dog vaccinated, however she never leaves the backyard, and I don’t see the point of getting all those vaccinations, that means, if I want to take her to the pet resort, I also have to go to the vet and get a bunch of useless and lavish shots, however, the pet resort is cheaper than in-apartment pet sitting, and it has that I do have to spend money to run.

If I leave my dog at home, I have to spend money the sitter to come twice a day to take her out and feed her and play with her a little. That means I have to leave the on and set to a pretty low thermostat setting. That means, I am not only paying more for the sitter itself, but I also spend money more because I have to run the all day every day, just care about I would do if I were at home. I would care about to use the at the pet resort and save a bunch more currency, but even so, my dog is getting quite old, and I am not sure she would care about being atg a arena that has a whole bunch of other dogs. She is used to her apartment environment, not just the she gets. It’s a difficult decision that I don’t like having to make.

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