Using the HVAC to preserve your pumpkins

We live in the South, and something I have never thought of until recently was preserving our pumpkins with the HVAC system for Halloween.

I actually seen an advertisement from an HVAC company talking about preserving those pumpkins with the A/C.

We never would buy our pumpkins too far ahead of Halloween because we wanted them to be able to make it to the holiday! Well, with this A/C trick, you can make them last until that day very easily! If you adjust your temperature control to 60-65 degrees, then this is a great way to make sure those pumpkins stay fresh! Of course, you don’t want to carve your pumpkins until the day before or the day of Halloween. As soon as you cut them up, they start to go pretty fast. They also need to be hard to the touch and not squishy to know that they are good still. Well, we tried this trick with the air conditioning this past Halloween and it worked great! I will be doing this every single year, and that means we can get our pumpkins up to two weeks in advance. A lot of the best pumpkins go early, so it’s going to be nice to get some of the larger pumpkins! We can carve all kinds of brilliant designs on those! I wish I would have thought about using the HVAC system for this a lot sooner, we have always just kept our temperature control settings in the 70s. While you might be using a little extra energy in the end of October, it’s really not that bad considering it’s only a week or so of extra A/C usage.

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