Who ever heard of air conditioned seats?

For the longest time, I have been putting all the money I could into our savings account.

I really wanted to get a very nice heating system.

I was looking to have radiant heated floors installed in our house! I also wanted to get a nice thermostat and a really nice energy efficient cooling system. So the other day, imagine my disappointment when my wife came home in this brand new car. She told me that she didn’t realize how much money we had in our savings account and she decided to splurge! She was so happy with her new car, but I was so angry inside because that money was not for a new car, it was for a new HVAC system! When I told her I was putting all that money aside to upgrade our HVAC system, she apologized. She really had no idea because I didn’t tell her about it. I really should have and that is my own fault. She said that we could just keep on putting money aside and we would be able to get the HVAC system we wanted in no time. I was still a little bit upset about her doing that, but I suppose we just need to work on our communication. I told her she had to take me out to dinner now in her new car. I was impressed with the car to be honest, it even had air conditioning in the seats! Who ever heard of air conditioned seats? So I used the A/C in the seats and I felt nice and cool on our way to the restaurant.


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