He is the co-owner of an HVAC business

I’m friends with this guy who can be a little bit shady at times.

I truthfully don’t know why I stay friends with him, maybe it’s because he’s nice at making myself and others laugh, I don’t know.

He happens to be an HVAC worker and he co-owns an HVAC company with this other guy who is actually more shady than he is. He asked myself and others to go out with him once door to door. He gave to buy myself and others dinner, so I decided to go along with him. He was telling people basically anything to get the sales for HVAC installations, service, and repairs. He told a lot of people that if they signed up for their premium HVAC repair plan, they would be put in a drawing to win $500,000. This actually got some people absolutely gleeful and they decided to sign up for the premium HVAC repair plan, not knowing that the drawing to win currency was totally made up. This was a shady trick just to get them to sign up for their most overpriced repair plan, when they absolutely didn’t do that much for the people as far as HVAC repair goes. They would go in there, change the air filters, clean things up a little and be on their way. They charged extra for any additional repairs that were needed, and it kind of made myself and others sick to my stomach. He told this 1 family that they needed to get their HVAC duct cleaned at least twice per year or the air quality could make everybody sick in the household. While it’s tploy you don’t want awful air quality, it’s not realistic to need to have your HVAC duct cleaned twice per year; more like once every 3 to 5 years.

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