I thought that was so cool

I’d had my central cooling system for nearly ten years when it finally malfunctioned.

  • When I first started up the air conditioner in late spring, I noticed some concerns.

Every time the fan cycled on, it made a high-pitched screeching sound and something rattled. Despite all the noise, the unit wasn’t providing all that much cool air. It needed to run a lot longer to achieve the thermostat setting, and on especially hot days, the house felt overheated and sticky. There was also a very unpleasant odor coming from the vents. My house smelled musty and way too much like a dirty fish tank. Although I made sure to change the filter and clean the vents, the performance of the air conditioner gradually deteriorated. At the same time, my electric bills continued to rise. I definitely should have called for repair immediately. Instead, I procrastinated until the cooling system entirely failed. When the HVAC technician took the air conditioner apart, he showed me the inner workings. I was shocked by the buildup of disgusting debris. There was a significant accumulation of dust, mold growth and algae thriving in the condensate drain. The technician told me that every time the air conditioner ran it was spreading contaminants throughout the house and degrading air quality. He said I was lucky my whole family hadn’t suffered from health problems because of it. He used chemicals to eliminate the debris and restore the operation of the air conditioner. The improvement was immediately obvious. I will now make sure to take better care of the cooling unit. I’ve enrolled in a proactive maintenance plan with a local HVAC contractor.

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