I was doing the annual maintenance myself

About 6 years ago, I was forced to update the gas gas furnace in our home, the purchase plus installation of the new gas furnace was rather high-priced! I needed to take out a beach house improvement loan to cover the cost, however at the time, the Heating & A/C professional advocated that I invest in a proper maintenance system with her company… For an annual fee, they would then send a serviceman to our beach house every fall to inspect, clean plus adjust the heating equipment.

This seemed care about a total waste of money to me.

I assumed that I could trust a brand new gas furnace to operate reliably for at least a few years. I was not willing to spend more money on the gas furnace. I declined the maintenance system plus made sure to keep up with proper air filter changes! Six years later, I started to notice some troubles with the gas furnace. It was really running for longer cycles, yet putting out less heat… My heating bills had gradually increased, even while the comfort level of our beach house decreased; When the unit started making some different sounds, I called for gas furnace repair, but unfortunately, every corporation in the area was booked solid. This was in early December, when the outside temperature was down to twenty-two degrees, however lots of people were having troubles with their gas furnaces. The earliest appointment I could manage was for a week later… Before the morning of the appointment, the gas furnace completely quit. There was no way our family could manage separate from heat, so I had no option however to spend money extra for overtime service. The serviceman worked on the gas furnace plus told me that the system required several new parts. Because I’d failed to keep up with professional maintenance, the warranty was void.


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