Recording some records

I am currently trying to figure out how to do voice recordings.  I want to put some books onto audio, and I know that my voice sounds all right, but I need to find a quiet place to do the recording, and I need a good microphone.  I read suggestions that said to turn off all noisy equipment, including the air conditioning, but then I began to sweat. Another suggestion was to cocoon yourself behind blankets and umbrellas.  I had the air conditioning on, but it wasn’t reaching me, because I was huddled behind the boxes and blankets. The recording did sound better, but I was sweating too badly to finish. Then I tried the under the table approach.  Sitting under the table, means you don’t have echoes. The sounds of the room are somewhat muffled by the table top, and the recording sounds much better. The recording came off better, I still had the cooling air of the AC, but my back and neck cramped when I was halfway through.  I really had to find someplace better to do my recording. My husband suggested I go into my office and close the door, and then he said about going into the basement. We have a small room that is in between the living area and the garage. The air conditioning gently seeps underneath the door, but it is always cool, and you hear nothing from the other rooms because of the cinder block.  I was halfway done, when I started to laugh. I think I need to just share the profits with someone who knows what they are doing.

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