Heat pumps for southern living

I grew up in the deep south for most of my life.

I also attended college in a swamp-like region, so I spent most of my time surrounded by hot and humid air.

It wasn’t until I took a job working for this major automotive company that I could move several hours north, and live in a much more comfortable region of the country. The temperatures in this area are pretty fair all year around, so I rarely need to keep the house extra cool or warm. When the weather does prove to get a bit too warm or cold for my taste, I usually rely on my heat pump. Heat pumps can be air-sourced, heat-sourced or even ground-sourced, but the best source depends on the area and climate. For me, I went with a water-source heat pump due to my home practically sitting on the shore of a vast lake. The heat pump works by extracting heat from inside the house, and transferring it out into the body of water. This change in temperature also causes the pressure in the house to change, so that causes cooler air from the lake to be pulled into the house through a heat exchanging device. As sophisticated and fancy as this sounds, the heat pump system is actually one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to control temperatures in a home! While certain heat pump models, such as a geothermal heat pump, can be incredibly costly, they can also save users a ton of money in the long run. I’m pleased with my heat pump, and I don’t see myself switching to central heating and air conditioning any time soon.


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