The hardest DIY project ever

I tend to be a pretty hard-headed & stubborn individual.

When it comes to handling repairs around the house, I embrace those repairs as a special DIY project for me, however, I should mention that I’m not exactly the most mechanically apt man.

I can handle decreasing a tire & decreasing my oil, but the more substantial stuff – say, replacing HVAC duct inside my house? That’s best left to the professionals. At least I think this is the case now! See, about more than 2 weeks ago, I had an HVAC repair business perform a seasonal check-up in my house, during his inspection, he found that the HVAC duct was riddled with holes & exhausting sealing at joints in the ducts. He recommended installing current HVAC duct, even though I saw the price he was charging to install it & nearly jumped out of my own skin! There was no way I could afford such a extravagant upgrade. When I looked at the cost of the HVAC duct, I felt I could totally handle the upgrade myself – it was worth saving all the extra cash! Well, I abruptly l received that HVAC HVAC duct is not easy to handle, nor is it safe to handle without gloves. After breaking myself about a hundred times, creating dents in the floor & along the attic, & even putting my own foot through the ceiling, I finally had enough. I threw in the towel, & decided to call the HVAC repair business back. He admired my tenacity, but agreed with me when I said that this was absolutely a task for a professional.


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