Our cooling system is really pumping out the air

I have a decent job in an office building downtown.  I like the people I work with, make good money, and I’m fine with my hours.  The only issue I have with the job is the temperature and air quality within the building.  The building is extremely old and the heating and cooling system is terribly outdated. In the winter, the local weather is brutal, with temperatures that frequently drop well below zero and bitter wind chill.  I typically am forced to park several blocks from the building and then walk through the cold and snow. I am anxious to get inside and get warmed up. Unfortunately, the building is most often quite chilly, with cold spots and drafts.  The old windows leak air and most of the heat rises to the ceiling. Most often, I leave my coat on nearly all day, and I still shiver. The summer months are no better, because the afternoon sun pours into the many windows. Although the air conditioner blasts non stop, the building is overheated and sticky.  I sweat constantly, and I often suffer from headaches. I am convinced that the air conditioner is overrun with mold and mildew. The air from the vents smells musty and spreads a great deal of dust around. There is a lot absenteeism at work and I blame the heating and cooling system. I don’t understand why upgrades have not been made to the heating and cooling equipment to improve conditions.  It would certainly improve the comfort and health of the facility, and would lead to greater productivity. Plus, I’m sure the heating and cooling requirements are costing a fortune because of energy waste. An updated system would significantly trim costs.