Dangers with the a/c

I have found that I am possibly 1 of the most forgetful men on this planet.

I don’t assume how, or why – however more often than not, I find that I’ll misplace things that I just set down only ten minutes earlier.

It’s discouraging to a fault, plus I can’t stand that I’m love this! However, I usually can consistently remember the really important stuff, then unfortunately, my mind doesn’t consistently consider the right things to be important… Recently, I went through a day without having an air filter in my air conditioning system, then let me explain why – I woke up that morning, fully intending to go grab a brand new air filter for my air conditioning system. I had worked on the air filter the evening before, plus it looked legitimately disgusting! So, I took it out of the air conditioning plan plus put it by the door as a reminder, but well, let me explain something else – you can’t run the air conditioning plan without the air filter in locale. In order for the air conditioning component to do its task, there has to be plenty of airflow to the coils inside the unit. Those coils help to cool down the air that goes into the house, however air from inside still has to circulate through the component to be cooled. The point is, that air filter is critical to keep the dirt, dust plus other debris out of the air conditioning unit! Well, I l earned that the taxing way. I managed to let the air conditioning component run all day while I was at work, totally oblivious to the fact that I had nearly destroyed the air conditioning system… Needless to say, my mind quickly l earned that leaving the air conditioning component without an air filter is a big deal.