A strong space heater

I live in the southeast near the ocean, plus I have been here most of my life.

I come from a family of Irish immigrants who all settled in this area a little over a century ago. Despite each successive generation plus all of the unique people throughout our sizable family tree, most of us have stayed in this small little community here in the south. I considered traveling far for college however opted to attend an in-state school where I’d be close enough to my family to visit consistently, while also paying less on tuition by avoiding out-of-state tuition rates. I just loathed the system of moving to a cold environment, too. You could call myself and others a lizard at this point; I like the heat plus I thrive in it. I really couldn’t imagine living in the opposite environment with sub zero Winter weather. The thought of it scares myself and others to no end. When it got particularly cold for the third time this last Winter in just November, I knew I’d be in for a particularly cold season. By December, I was at the store looking for a space heater, something I thought would never happen as long as I stayed in this temperature. But from the looks of it, the next coming Winter is projected to be as intense as last year, with record lows expected in many areas throughout the country. It’s easy to take for granted living in an area where the weather is so mild in the Winter that you can wear shorts plus short sleeve shirts most afternoons with a sweater on at most to keep warm in the early mornings.