There’s too much mold on the ceiling

Last week, my husband and I began to take our cupboards out of our kitchen.  We had to redo the entire set up of our kitchen because the original building contractors installed the cupboards over the radiator strips. We knew this was going to be a hard and dirty job, and we only hoped that we could preserve the cupboards, and not need to buy new.  After doing some research, we found out that we also had to take the vanity out of the bathroom, because there was a radiator strip that went behind it, also. We were okay with the bathroom, because we had already decided to put radiant heating in there, for added comfort.  It seemed like our bathroom was the coldest room in the house. My husband had bought a new ventilation fan for the bathroom. The ventilation system seemed to not work properly any longer, and we were finding that it was getting louder as time wore on. We soon discovered that this would mean we also had to put in a new ceiling.  When we took the ceiling down, I was really disturbed by what we saw. The ventilation system was vented into the ceiling, and there was mold up against the original ceiling. The drop ceiling was working as an insulator so we couldn’t feel the moisture or smell the odors, but the actual ceiling was covered with what looked like black mold.  Our kitchen will have to wait for a while. We need to get someone out and remediate the mold, and we need to put in a new ventilation and heating system into the bathroom..

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