Leaving the window cracked is bad

I just moved into a home for the first time since I left home for school at 18 years old.

  • Four years were spent in a dormitory, another two were spent in apartments with several roommates, while the last four years I lived alone in a studio apartment.

The view of my last house was amazing, with a perfect look out at the ocean several floors below, although I was ready for change. I wanted to have a yard where I could walk outside and have potted plants and a garden. There, I could have beautiful flowers to look at every morning while I sip my Starbucks Coffee and learn the news. I wanted to finally have the space and comfort of privacy while not being crammed into a building with people in every direction, just a few feet away at any given moment, separated from you by only a several inch wall. Needless to say, the morning I gained the keys to my first home was momentous. I purchased up-to-date furniture at a local boutique store and began decorating after my initial paint task was finished. The first habit I developed was leaving the windows open throughout the morning and often through the entire night most nights. The breeze felt amazing and it was the first time I had this degree of privacy, so I exploited the freedom that came with it, but, at the same time, I should have been turning my air conditioner off while I left my windows open. I didn’t realize I was making it work harder during each cycle, thus wearing down several of the internal components. My worker said the fan motor looked overworn given the machine’s age, and the cracked evaporator coil clearly needed to be updated. This was after just several months in my up-to-date house.