Getting through the remodel

It had been a year since we gone through the bathroom remodelling nightmare.  We finally had the credit cards paid off, and we knew it was time to tackle the kitchen.  We looked around the kitchen, and my husband all but groaned. He thought that maybe we should wait a while longer, and he wanted to tackle the computer room, because it was smaller and it should be simpler.   He checked out the cupboards and found out that they were the only that had been properly installed. We put all of my stuff into the spare bedroom, and we got to work. The cupboards were all removed, and it didn’t take long to realize that this was the original laundry room.  The air vents that should have gone with the bathroom exhaust fans, were in here but they had been closed off. We found an entire radiator strip hidden behind the cupboards, and it was just a foot long piece of radiator strip that was beneath the desk. We ripped out the carpeting to find that most of the flooring was rotted from water that had leaked out of a washer, or just from carelessness.  We were now facing a new major mess. We didn’t have the mold, but we knew we would need to put in new radiator strips, which we opted to just put a mini-split HVAC system in the room, because of its size. There was no wasted space with the mini-split HVAC system because it was on the wall and up toward the ceiling, and the installation was so easy.

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