Updating old buildings with brand-new HVAC

I work as the facilities director at a summer camp in the southern part of the nation.

My job is full of ups and downs.

Since our buildings are very old, most of my time is spent raising money to try to remodel or update the older buildings on the facilities to meet safety codes and provide more comfort. One of the major projects that we did last year was to update the area where we eat meals. Part of this major renovation included install air conditioning throughout the entire building. When I was a kid attending the meals in the camp, that dining hall was uncomfortably hot. There were no fans or air conditioners, and the air outside was too hot to make opening the window very practical. When we decided to update it, we realized that we had the opportunity to add air conditioning and make meal times much more enjoyable. Since this building has no attic or crawl space, we had to build a box to hold the vents inside the space for the cool air. Rather than using portable air conditioners that would have constantly needed to be replaced, we decided to install central air conditioning. We realized that there were not enough outlets in front of the windows for that many air conditioners, so all we had to do is run one larger wire to the outside unit. The dining hall is now cooled all day throughout the Summer, and it now serves as the hangout place for kids because of the new air conditioner!
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