Different idea behind the HVAC

At a local camp that I care about to attend, they have a immense building where they conduct meeting and speeches while I was in the Summer.

Though the area has a stage and multiple seats, it is technically outside because there are no walls on the side of this building. The main focus of this area is to supply seating and roof over your head while you listen. However, without air conditioning, that area was uncomfortably hot. I would rather have stood in the sunlight than be trapped in that area. During the Wintertime, no amount of space furnace could have hoped to try to make anybody comfortable. However, this year, when I returned to visit the locale, they told us that they installed immense air conditioning units and heating systems for the events. Apparently, they have outdoor heating & air conditioning that is supposed to make everyone comfortable. I just don’t understand the plan behind it. I can’t imagine how multiple thoUSnds of dollars that Heating & Air Conditioning component cost, and yet you are using it to heat and cool a building that will consistently lose that temperature. Essentially, you are just heating the entire campus! There has been a discussion of closing in this entire building with walls, however then it would lose the entire purpose of having an outdoor session. Some people have commanded installing folding walls to trap the heat or cool air while a session is going, however folding them down when the weather is nice. Either way, I wouldn’t want to be paying the electricity and gas bill to use that Heating & Air Conditioning equipment!

Heating and air conditioning system