Camper heat equipment

I have been residing in a second-wheel camper for nearly a year, and I will be the first to tell you that it is a completely peculiar experience than normal residing, campers are intended for holidaying purposes, and they are not meant for full-time residing! Though our camper was made to be used for any season, the furnace in the camper was not created for use year-round, then i have had a lot of trouble with this furnace, however it has served myself and others well so far.

  • Camper furnaces are particular because they are created for small spaces, however when I first moved into our camper, I couldn’t find the furnace anywhere, then eventually, I opened a small closet and noticed that the small metal box inside of there was the furnace! The furnace was smaller than our water gas furnace and was simple to carry.

The camper furnace runs on propane, and the people I was with and I respectfully only spend $40 a month on heat, which truthfully is pretty affordable! However, the people I was with and I also supplement that with a space gas furnace since you don’t have to pay for electricity at a campground, and since the furnace runs on propane, it is very pressing that the furnace is properly vented. During the ventilation process, your furnace can lose up to 15% of its heat, making propane furnaces very inefficient. Another reason camper furnaces are particular is that they are super fancy. Camper appliances, in general, are extravagant because they are considered recreational, which allow them to price the wares more than the regular units. The furnace of a camper is absolutely not intended for constant use.
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