There was mold in my ductwork that I was breathing in

I was getting really bad allergies and headaches this last year, and I started talking to my friend about it.

My friend told me that it was likely my allergies were coming from something in my house, like my heating and cooling system.

I had never thought about my heating and cooling system being so detrimental to my health but it made a lot of sense. I asked her if she had a good HVAC technician I could talk to about it and she said of course. I talked to her HVAC technician and he explained that she was probably correct about my allergies. The HVAC technica came out to my house and started looking at my AC unit. The HVAC technician explained that my ductwork was pretty dirty and that there was even some mold inside. He told me that whenever I switch the thermostat on, the AC unit starts to push air through the ductwork into my house. He recommended that I get better air filters for my furnace and AC unit as well, and explained that they might filter out some of the allergens that were making me feel sick. After the HVAC technician left I could already notice a difference in the air quality of my home. I am so happy that I reached out to my friend and asked for her HVAC technician. If you are feeling unusually sick or have bad allergies it might be a good idea to call an HVAC technician, many of them offer ductwork cleaning and it could be really great for you! I would also say that you could looking up heating and cooling suggestions online, but I think that cleaning your own ductwork gets pretty complicated.
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