The problem this whole time was that my ductwork was filthy

I have dealt with horrible pollen irritations ever since I was a little kid.

A few weeks ago I had trouble just keeping my eyes open, and I finally had my complication figured out.

Whenever I was in our residence, my pollen irritations would be 10 times worse because of our old Heating and A/C machine… The way I figured this out was by turning off our A/C machine one day and realizing that my pollen irritations weren’t as bad. I remember thinking it was kind of insane that just turning off our A/C machine made such a major difference, and then I realized that it was because of the system of ductwork. I have never had the air duct in our residence professionally cleaned and I knew I had to call a Heating and A/C machine serviceman to help me out with this issue. When I first talked to the Heating and A/C machine serviceman he was particularly helpful and he explained to me how much ductwork cleaning would help our residence. I had him come out the very next day to look at our A/C machine and everything was so dusty! He told me that our Heating and A/C machine was undoubtedly aged, and that he was sure he was going to find a ton of mold in our air duct. I didn’t enjoy the idea that I had been breathing in mold for so long through our A/C machine, and I knew that he was likely right about it. I called my allergist to ask him about mold and A/C machines and if he commonly gets complaints about these things, however my allergist never called back. As soon as our Heating and A/C machine serviceman left I was feeling substantially better! If you have particularly bad pollen irritations, you should think about calling a Heating and A/C machine serviceman to wash your air duct.

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