HVAC Copper Thieves Strike Again

Today was a tipping point for me. Perhaps I say that too much but I’m really feeling it today. Certain days come along with circumstances which feel like they change your whole perspective. I had that very day today. I’m just the Average Joe who goes to work adjusts the HVAC and gets to it. I’ve always attempted to do the right thing by all I come in contact with. Rolling with the punches is part of it too I realize. But it was a hard reality when I saw what I did when I came home from work this evening. I came in the house and knocked the thermostat down a bit as I always do. But nothing happened. Checking the fuse box proved there was no power problem with the HVAC system. I thought perhaps the condenser froze up so I went outside to investigate. What I found was a crime scene. The guts of my condenser unit were littered across my lawn. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. At first I couldn’t comprehend what had happened. But then it came to me. A thief had destroyed my condenser just to get to the copper inside. I had heard of this happening in other neighborhoods but now I was the victim. So now, I’ll have to get an entirely new condenser unit and then lock it down somehow. After I called the HVAC company and the insurance guy I check online for something to prevent this in the future. I found a cage of sorts which will fit over the condenser cover and lock to the concrete pad. Yep, today there was a shift in perspective today. And, it wasn’t a good shift.

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