This is a very good thought

When I was younger, I was a real math nut, and i used to care about seeing this show with my Mom that was all about weird math experiments to perform at home, but among these experiments was this test, which would test how suddenly water froze based on the frigid agent.

  • While I put a plastic cup of water in the freezer, my Mom used a can of refrigerant and carefully sprayed a cup of water at room temperature.

It was the cup with refrigerant sprayed on it that cooled down the fastest and froze suddenly, of course! Well, that same experiment taught me the importance of safety, and knowing when to let a professional handle dangerous chemicals, then fast forward to last weekend, when my air conditioning at apartment began to blow sizzling air into the house. I wasn’t sure what was the cause – I checked out the air filter, however it was clean. I also maintained the temperature control, however the readings were looking solid! I had no method what was going on, however I felt the refrigerant for the air conditioning might be running low. I reached out to my proper heating, ventilation and air conditioning supplier for advice, and he was quick to explain the cause. As it turned out, there was a leak of coolant from the outdoor cooling system unit, and that was causing the system to overheat, however that’s why the air couldn’t cool off! Knowing this entirely helped to explain the cause of the sizzling air in my home, and I was cheerful that the HVAC supplier got the leak patched up… Now the air is blowing cool again – all thanks to some scientific knowledge.


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