Can someone please help me here?

One of the best lessons I l acquired from my Mom was to constantly make sure I have things done right the first time.

I can almost hear his voice now, telling me how important it is to make sure you don’t have to revisit your work! That advice guides me still this week, as I make that that I don’t accept shoddy work from a supplier, or accept mediocre efforts from colleagues in the workplace.

As a heating, ventilation and air conditioning specialist, I often work with weird repair suppliers, as well as customers that are convinced they believe what works best; However, as a consultant for the HVAC replacement team, my task is just as my father said – to make sure things are done right the first time, but so, at this particular client’s home, the two of us ran into a large issue with the structure of their home. The heating and air conditioning they wanted called for using big, bulky air duct that would run through the ceiling of the house. The only problem was, the walls and thresholds between floors were too thin! They wouldn’t be able to fit something appreciate what the client wanted. So instead of the large boxy air duct, I had specially designed, small diameter air duct installed in their apartment instead. This kind of air duct allowed their heating and cooling system to still flow rapidly through the house, however in really narrow pipe-like air duct. This was the perfect solution! Now, the client didn’t have to make critical structural changes to their apartment just to accommodate the new HVAC system.

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