We don’t have good air conditioning

Sometimes the only thing worse than something being broken is something not working properly. If something is entirely broken, or simply isn’t available, you can accept the fact that it isn’t there. But if something is present but it’s just bad, doesn’t work as well as it should, or what have you, it’s an even bigger disappointment because you expected it to work and it didn’t meet your expectations. That just about sums up my relationship with the only taxi driver in my town’s car, and his busted up air conditioner. AC in a car can be a wonderful respite from the heat outside, since I live in a southern region, but his vehicle’s air conditioner doesn’t work. Or, rather, it doesn’t work well, and he’s using that as an excuse to not get it fixed. If you hold your hand directly against the AC vents, you might feel a small draft of air coming out, which he considers to be the air conditioner working just fine. And I can assure you that that is not how an AC that is working just fine should act! But, since air hasn’t stopped coming out of it entirely, he is stubborn and refuses to accept that it is broken. My husband and I only have one vehicle, so when he’s out I have to use this taxi service to get around when I have important errands to run, and I mention the air conditioning every single time. Every time! I can’t wait for the day when his car’s air conditioner finally breaks down entirely so he’ll have to stop denying its defectiveness. And, since he’s ignored the problem for so long, I secretly hope it costs him extra to get it fixed thanks to the problem getting so out of hand.

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