This guy must be joking

Here is a little story for you that you may find to be crazy.

Or, maybe you will think I am joking.

But no, I can tell you that what I am about to say is the total a single hundred percent truth! Last year during the Summer, our a/c method broke down. But, not in the sense you would think I mean. When most a/c units split down, they usually are not laboring, plus not pumping out any kind of cooling. In our case, the a/c method was pumping out too much cooling, plus would not turn off! The people I was with and I were honestly lucky that the temperature on the control component was not stuck at a super cold temperature. Otherwise, the people I was with and I would have had to leave the new home the same as if the a/c was not fully laboring. But, since the control component was stuck only at seventy 3 degrees, the people I was with and I decided to light the fireplace in the home office plus turn on a space heater! This created the perfect temperature in the room by having the fireplace going plus the space heater. It got us through an entire afternoon plus night until the certified heating plus a/c specialist could come out to service the central heating plus a/c unit! Who would have ever thought that heating technology would ever come in handy during a honestly super hot Summer. If I heard this story from someone else, I would have thought it was a joke. But nope, I can assure you, this is as real as it comes! No joke here what so ever!

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