I better prepare that

If you know that a large storm system is coming your way it’s important to prepare your HVAC system.

There was a large storm that came my way one year and I didn’t prepare my HVAC system.

Due to the fact that I had no idea the hurricane would damage my heating and cooling system, I did nothing. Now I know that how much money you can save by preparing your HVAC system I like to tell everyone. I have my HVAC system up on blocks so that any flood water doesn’t get into it. My last HVAC technician gave me that tip and told me to make sure my HVAC system wasn’t directly on the ground since it floods a lot near my house. If there isn’t usually flooding near your house, you can probably skip that step with your HVAC system. I also board up the sides of my HVAC unit so that no debris can get in the way. Even though it’s impossible to make sure that no debris gets into my HVAC system, I try as hard as I can to prevent it. The day or two before the storm is supposed to hit I turn my HVAC system off and completely board it up. This way I can be certain that my HVAC system is as protected as possible. My HVAC technician told me that his HVAC company gets extremely busy whenever there is a big storm like a hurricane because people don’t know how to prepare. It’s impossible to prevent all problems with your HVAC, but you can try to make sure the least amount of damage happens.


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