I was finally starting to understand

If you guess that a giant storm system is coming your way it’s important to prepare your Heating plus A/C system.

There was a giant storm that came our way one year plus I didn’t prepare our Heating plus A/C system! Due to the fact that I had no idea the hurricane would damage our heating plus cooling system, I did nothing, and now I guess that how much money you can save by preparing your Heating plus A/C system I like to tell almost everyone.

I have our Heating plus A/C system up on blocks so that any flood water doesn’t get into it… My last Heating plus A/C worker provided me that tip plus told me to make sure our Heating plus A/C system wasn’t directly on the ground since it floods a lot near our house. If there isn’t usually flooding near your house, you can undoubtedly skip that step with your Heating plus A/C system. I also board up the sides of our Heating plus A/C unit so that no debris can get in the way. Even though it’s impossible to make sure that no debris gets into our Heating plus A/C system, I try as hard as I can to prevent it. The day or two before the storm is supposed to hit I turn our Heating plus A/C system off plus completely board it up. This way I can be certain that our Heating plus A/C system is as protected as possible. My Heating plus A/C worker told me that her Heating plus A/C corporation gets severely busy whenever there is a large storm like a hurricane because people don’t guess how to prepare. It’s impossible to prevent all problems with your Heating plus A/C, however you can try to make sure the least amount of damage happens.


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